Water Purifier on the go

When traveling, we understand that hydration is critical. But many times, do we know if the water we are drinking is safe for us? There is an option out there that can make you feel good about the water you are drinking. Travel water purifiers have a tough job. They need to get rid of all kinds of chemicals, bacteria, viruses, cysts, metals, and more. They need to be durable yet lightweight, big enough to purify a useful amount of water, yet small enough to carry comfortably in a day bag. 

At first glance, the GRAYL ultralight looks much like a standard water bottle, something you would take to the gym or on the run. It feels a tad bit heavier than you might expect due to the purifier cartridge in the bottom. The filtered capacity is 16 oz, which is on the low end for a travel purifiers. The purification process is straightforward and takes roughly 15 seconds. How does it work, you ask? Well, you need to remove the inner shell, fill up the outer shell with any nearby water supply. You can use any freshwater source, but ideally, try using the cleanest water you can find- Sediment is filtered out, but reduces the life of the cartridge. 

It is also vital to not let the cartridge freeze, something to keep in mind if you’re in unusually cold conditions or have an overactive fridge in your hotel room. The cartridge can take a freeze once or twice, but if it happens, it would need replacing sooner rather than later.  Once you have filled the outer, contain, you place the GRAYL on the found and insert eh inner shell. Push down firmly and steadily until it reaches the bottom. The water is forced through the cartridge, leaving a clean supply inside the inner tank for your enjoyment. The cartridge or filter is suitable for up to 40 gallons of water, so filling it up three times a day, you will get a little over three months out of one cartridge. 

For hiking or traveling overseas, this water purifier seems to be just the right size and fit to make things easier to stay hydrated while on the go. Go ahead, give it a try, and let us know what you think.