Visit Tri-Valley, California and Blend your own wine

Have you ever wanted to become a winemaker for a day? Well, you are just in luck, head out to Tri-Valley California to Wente’s Winemaker’s Studio. While the long-standing winery is known for paving the way for 80% of today’s California Chardonnay and serving many award-winning wines from their lush Livermore tasting rooms, their studio is where amateur sommeliers and first-time tasters alike are encouraged to learn and participate in various facets of winemaking. 

The blending experience starts with a brief explanation and a quick taste of each varietal that each guest will use while creating their own personal blend. Each barrel contains 100% of one varietal, which most wine lovers don’t get a chance to try. After you have tasted each varietal, it’s time to start blending. Hope your ready for an experience to never forget. You will be using the same tools that Wente’s winemakers use in crafting their wines; Guest will begin blending different varietals to see which unique flavors suit them best. 

Now to make it more unique, once you have created your perfect mix, its time to bottle it up! Of course, with the help of the tasting room team, guests will fill, cork, and seal their very own wine blend. They are completely customized to how they like it. Some guest save their bottles for a special day. Others decide to enjoy it sooner rather than later. 

What makes it helpful is that the percentage of each varietal is recorded on every winemaker’s blending experience bottle, So if guest really love their blend, recreating it is entirely possible. But your experience does not stop there. You can go check out the black glass blind tasting, The Chardonnay experience, Get to know Pinot, Wine and Food Pairing, and Tiny Bubbles, class. 

Wente Vineyard wants to give you and experience. They are all about blending traditional and innovative winemaking practices, drawing from there estate vineyards. So they want to provide you with something that will want you to come back for more. If you are looking for a place that offers multiple amenities and things to do, Wente vineyards is a great place to check out.