Understand long-term Travel and what can come from it.

When we travel, many don’t understand just how much it can enrich our lives. It allows us to open our eyes to new experiences; traveling gives us a better appreciation of the world that we live in. The benefit of traveling is clear for anyone who’s gone to another country, and given that going away can have such an impact, it isn’t unusual to feel a desire to take travel to a new level.  Specifically, to travel for a prolong period of time rather than your typical week every now and then. 

When you plan to travel for a long time, you need to make sure that you establish a time frame. It can be very tempting to have a long-stay somewhere with no timeframe. I mean, that’s how the movies portray it, so why can’t we do it the same way.  But in reality it’s not the best option. We need to know how long you are going to be planning for. Planning each destination out, and also the length of the trip as a whole. I know it doesn’t suit the carefree lifestyle, but a time frame helps keep everything in order. Time frames will help hold the trip together. It wouldn’t be so fun to have a carefree attitude when the money runs out. 

Accommodations can get pricey. Many times hotels seemed to be the best option to stay. Sometimes, they will even give you great deals and save depending on the length of the stay, as much as 20%. Hotels, to me, are more of a short-term option; they don’t tend to suit for a lengthy stay. One option that many don’t consider is finding a short term lease on an apartment that you pay upfront. If you plan far enough in advance, you can get some great deals on the most affordable of them all. 

Learning a new language might not be on your list of things you should do when thinking of long term travel to another country. At most, we will learn the basics and try to get by with that. In this case, that will not be enough. First of all, not wanting to learn a new language is relatively arrogant. It’s like saying that English is the only functional language and only one worth knowing. There are so many options out there for you to be able to learn a new language and makes it easy for you with learning platforms and videos. 

Staying long term, there will be many times you get frustrated because it is not like home; it will be much different than you could have imagined, but it will give you a sense of pride in your country and what you have. Stuff will happen when you live abroad, and it won’t all be a cakewalk to fix. 

While you’ll be in a new, exciting setting, you will notices that your days will become very typical as to what they were back home. However, that may come as a culture shock, once you adjust to everything, you’ll be able to grasp the new experience, open your mind, and start getting out of your comfort zone. And this is where real growth can happen. This is where you begin to learn lessons that will stay with you, shape you, change you, and help you become more open to opportunities as they arise.