Traveling with Pets

Do you not have anyone to watch your pet while you travel? So you are required to go with your pet? More often than not, traveling with a pet can be very difficult. Packing for yourself is probably already a chore and a checklist long enough to be a recipe from CVS. The thought of going through airport security with a pet is on a whole different level of difficulty. Of course, when you see someone doing it, they make it look so easy. 

A few things to remember to bring if you’re traveling with a pet, to make it a smooth travel is to pack smart and light. Given the limited space you have between your own stuff, you want to make sure you prepare what is necessary. Sounds crazy, but a collar is arguably the essential accessory. You should attach the tags containing your pet’s name and contact information. You can not keep your animal in a carrier going through security, so you will most definitely need that collar. 

Another essential accessory is the Leash when traveling with a leash every time you take it outside the car or the kennel it should be on a leash. You don’t know how people will react to any animal or if they are afraid of them. So you want to make sure, for the most part, that your pet is restrained in public places. No matter how well trained your pet may be. Of course, a kennel or cage is a must-have. Most airlines do not allow pets to sit on the lap or roam around the cabin unless you are flying on a private jet. All airlines have a policy to keep the crowded cabin in order at all times. Moreover, kennels provide enormous help during a transition that the pet might not be worth it. 

Cleaning up after your animal is so important, so having waste bags readily available for when your pet needs to go. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet, and no one else. So stay Prepared. Toys that make them feel like things are normal is also a must-have.

Traveling can be very exhausting for both us and our pets. That’s why we keep a stash of snacks with us so we can keep our energy level up. It is just as important to do the same for your pet. Now, ideally, you don’t want to feed your pet much before the drive or flight because then they will have to use the potty, and it can cause quite a stir if there is nowhere for them to go. 

So make sure you have a checklist for yourself and your pet as you prepare for your upcoming travel.