Travel off season

This may be a bit of a luxury for some. Between work and family, people are busier than ever and travel time is harder and harder to come by. I get it. But the advice for you to “get out of your comfort zone” is a total cliche with good reason. Look, there is a time and place for a vacation of pure relaxation and escape, but for those who look to turn their time-off into an experiential journey, here is some advice – try travelling off season.

To be fair, this will limit possible destinations. Going to the Canadian Rockies in the dead of winter can be dangerous and many resources are not available year round. And for some locations, there really is no off-season. Going to St. Barts is quite nice any time of year.

But, if you can find the right destination, then this experiment can work wonders. Firstly, you will be confronted with a far smaller crowd of tourists at your destination. Traveling in a place that is choked with people who are not locals can really dilute the experience. Also, when you don’t have to wait in lines or negotiate traffic, there is more time for exploring and relaxing. The resources of your destination may be diminished as a result of the season, but you will have the pick of what is available without excessive competition from the crowds.

More importantly, is the comfort zone. Not necessarily yours, but the comfort zone of your  destination. If you find yourself in Martha’s Vineyard or Asbury Park in early November, you see a whole different place. A snow covered Grand Canyon makes the majestic phenomena even more breathtaking.

Savannah, Georgia, for example, is known for its beautiful springtime. The blooming flowers create a stunning backdrop for arts and music festivals. But no one thinks about Savannah in the Fall. Temperatures are still pleasant, but the crowds are a fraction of the Spring crush. Prices are lower and lodgings are more available. 

And these are just a few of countless examples. Sometimes you want to get out of your comfort zone, but sometimes you should get your destination out of its comfort zone. One of the best ways to do that is to travel off season.