Tortuga Outbreaker 45L Backpack

About Tortuga 

Tortuga was created by travelers for travelers. Fred and Jeremy created the original Tortuga backpack after being disappointed with traditional hiking backpacks while traveling around Europe. They set out to create their perfect backpack and have since grown into a company of nine people who truly understand the needs of urban travelers.

My Thoughts

The Tortuga Outbreak 45L is the perfect carry on backpack especially since it’s a perfect size and right at the maximum size for a carry on. It’s the redesigned version compared to the Tortuga V2 which was many people’s favorite carry on and this has all the same great features with extras. This Backpack comes in two sizes in the 45 liters which replace the V2 and 35 liters which can replace the Tortuga Air. It is made out of 4-layered waterproof sailcloth that won’t tear, get any scuffs or drench your stuff while being carried around in the rain. We have tested the Tortuga V2 for two years and this is an upgrade quality-wise so we should hold up and look new for years to come. 

The features are just amazing. It allows you to adjust your torso height to find the fit that suits you. It also has padded hip belts which gives you even more comfort. Most backpacks open from the top and that’s not the case with this majestic bag. This one is frontloading to make organizing easy. It has a laptop and tablet sleeve that holds up to 17-inches and there’s enough padding that you could probably even skip a case. You can pack an XPS 15 in a neoprene case first for extra protection and there’s plenty of space for it. There are a number of pockets in the main compartment, four small pockets around the edges and two mesh compartments on the opposite side. There are a number of exterior pockets as well. On the front, there are two zippered pockets. The two stretch pockets on the sides fit a water bottle, yoga mat or umbrella type of carry-ons and even has 

Improvements over the V2 Tortuga

  • It has a new adjustable hiking-style suspension system and makes it even more comfortable to carry and fits more people than the previous backpack did. 
  • The bulky side pockets have been removed making it sleeker and Instead, there are two discreet water bottle pockets on the side that lie flat when not being used. 
  • The fabric is water-resistant and looks to hold up to many years of hiking 
  • It opens fully on three sides like a book making it even easier to access everything inside. 
  • There is an improved fleece-lined laptop and tablet sleeve. The electronics compartment unfolds to lie flat on the X-ray belt to avoid taking your laptop out when going through airport security. 
  • The external front pocket is slimmer and doesn’t bulge anymore. 


  • It’s heavier—the 45-liter backpack is 5.1 lbs (2.3 kg), which is 1.45 lbs (0.64 kg) heavier than V2. 
  • The backpack straps can’t be packed away (although the hip belt can be removed), but Simon never used this feature.
  • No side handles to carry it suitcase style 
  • It costs $299 (V2 was $199).


Dimensions (cm):          56 x 36 x 23 cm

Dimensions (inches):     22 x 14 x 9 inches

Volume:                         45 litres

Weight:                          2.3 kg (5.1 lbs)

Colour:                          Black


4-layer, waterproof sailcloth


US $299 (and free US shipping)