Top US National Parks

Families are constantly looking for a great vacation that is fun for the whole family, and there’s no better way to do that than to check out a national park. There are many to choose from in the United States, so let’s take a look at the top national parks that are worth the trip:

Grand Canyon National Park- Located in northern Arizona approximately 225 miles north of Phoenix and a 275-mile drive east of Las Vegas, Grand Canyon National Park attracts over six million visitors annually. The park is famous for its views of the massive Grand Canyon, which spans over a million acres and features numerous winding depths and colorful rocky plateaus. The two major visitor areas of the park are the North and South Rims, with the South being more popular due to its scenic lookouts and proximity to the incoming highway. Be sure to check out the Grand Canyon Village on the south end of the park which has the park’s main visitor center, campgrounds, and plenty of access to the park’s trails.

Yellowstone National Park- Located in the northwest corner of Wyoming near the state’s borders with Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park sees over four million visitors each year and is one of the nation’s most popular national parks. The park features many different natural wonders and sights, including one of the world’s most famous geysers in Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake which is popular amongst boaters and fisherman, the Grand Prismatic Spring which is the country’s largest hot spring and also features beautiful rainbow colors, and the Hayden Valley which is home to a multitude of wildlife including bison and grizzly bears.

Yosemite National Park- Located in northern California in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and approximately 170 miles east of San Francisco, Yosemite National Park welcomes over four million visitors each year. The park measures nearly 1,200 square miles, making it approximately the size of Rhode Island. Although it’s only a fraction of the park’s size, most visitors center their Yosemite experience around the Yosemite Valley. The valley features many peaks and cliffs that are often frequented by rock climbers, with the granite cliff known as El Capitan being one of the most popular among them.