Top 5 Must see places before you die

Manchu Pichu

The most astonishing and unbelievable place that is on top of a mountain.  I mean come on, it is ancient ruins built on top of one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.  In the heart of Peru in South America, you have to trek for nearly 2 days on foot and horseback to get there, but it is well worth the effort for this historic place.


Grand Canyon

In the middle of the American mid-west is the grand canyon and the name “grand” somehow does not give it justice. The views alone are unforgettable and have a way of putting people’s minds in the right place. I suggest a hike down to the bottom and or a boat ride through Lake Powell, you will not regret it.



Located in northern Italy, it is the city of romance and romantic boat rides on the gondolas are a must when you visit with your life partner. The shopping and history and sheer beauty is a special visit that requires a week at least to ensure you experience all that it has to offer.


Cape Town

At the far southern tip of the continent of Africa in South Africa lies one of the true gems of this planet, Cape Town. The beaches and the hillside are a site to see that will be burned into your eyes forever.  The must-try here is the five-star hotels that you can get for a mere twenty dollars (USD). The cost to get there is high, but it being so affordable helps offset the travel expenses.



In the middle of the Indian ocean, it holds the title for the prettiest and most amazing beaches on the planet. Clear blue water like you have never seen in your life before.  The must-try is a sea plan tour of all of the surrounding islands. Even though this is one of the most remote places in the world and hardest to get to, it is by far the best and most exotic place on our list.