Top 4 Resort Swimming Pools

These are the top swimming pools you have to check out!


Craving a pool getaway? Check out the absolute best in our best of resort swimming pools.


Como Shambhala- Located in the depths of Indonesia’s massive tropical jungle, the Como Shambhala resort is small but magical. The property only has a few dozen cabins, but its opulence is highlighted by its majestic pool. The pool at Como Shambhala is an infinity pool that overlooks the surrounding jungle, and is flanked by plenty of lounge chairs that also share the same view. This infinity pool style with a gorgeous view is common in the luxury living space, but Como Shambhala does it incredibly well.


One and Only Reeti Rah- The Maldives are world famous as a luxury vacation destination. Located off the coast of India in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives takes your breath away even when you’re only looking at its pictures. The One and Only Reeti Rah Resort is certainly no exception to this beauty, and its infinity pool is just as magical as the rest. The pool at the One and Only Reeti Rah makes you feel like you’re part of the Indian Ocean without having to be in it, which is why its near the top of our list.


Grace- Greece has become an increasingly popular destination for tourists in recent years, with Santorini topping the list of places in Greece that tourists want to visit. What better place to relax than a resort that focuses on the mental wellbeing of its guests, which is why the Grace Resort has become all the more popular. The pool at Grace is an infinity pool that overlooks all of Santorini, which makes it a must-visit for those who enjoy luxury pools.


Marina Bay Sands- With a relatively low level of taxation and a very low crime rate, more and more business people are making the move to Singapore. As more people discover the wonders of Singapore, it has also become a great place for tourists to visit, which has made the Marina Bay Sands a world-famous resort destination. The pool at Marina Bay Sands takes the cake, with an incredible view of the city skyline as you look beyond this infinity pool’s edge.