Stuck at Home? Travel Virtually!

Can’t travel to see America’s greatest sights? Then check out these incredible online experiences that put them on display.

Grand Teton National Park- If you’re a climber who is suffering from an illness or injury, or have some other reason why you can’t hit the trails, then try the park’s online climb of the Grand Teton. This allows you to see all of the sights that the Grand Teton has to offer, without all of the physical exertion involved with climbing this great beast.

Yosemite National Park- Known for its many cliff faces and scenic views, Yosemite National Park attracts a tremendous number of visitors each year. If you can’t make the visitor list this year, then go online and take a look at one of the park’s many webcams.

The Grand Canyon- The Grand Canyon is arguably America’s most popular National Park, and for good reason. Its views are unprecedented, which is why it receives so many visitors each year. Because of this fame, the park offers several online virtual tours for those who are looking to learn more about the park, which allows you to take in the park without having to trek to northern Arizona.

New York City- As America’s largest city and its gateway to the world, New York City is truly a tourist hub. The city has countless sites and sounds, and several places that you can check out for yourself online. Central Park has an interactive virtual tour that allows you to take in the world’s most famous park, and the city’s Guggenheim Museum has a publicly available online tour that allows you to see its most famous works of art. If you’re looking for something more informal, then jump on Google Street View to check out sights like Times Square and Madison Square Garden.

Rocky Mountains National Park- For those who are looking for a different take on an online tour, look no further than the Rocky Mountains National Park, which has an online tour of the many sounds visitors can hear in the park. This online tour makes the park’s animals the star of the show, and is definitely worth a listen.