Spend Time Traveling? Yearly Insurance May be for You

If you or your family travel a few times a year, travel insurance may often be something you overlook on your domestic or international trips.  

Often times when buying flights or planned trips companies such as United, Southwest, or Carnival Cruises have options to buy travel insurance when you checkout which usually covers things directly related to your ticket.  Things such as cancellation, delays, lost luggage, or having to cancel a trip due to a medical emergency. These can be great for some people but can often be a high percentage of your travel expenses, For example, United can charge up for $60 for a $400 ticket and Carnival Cruise Lines charges a flat $200.  These insurance policies can add up if you begin to take multiple trips a year.  

    The alternative for frequent travelers is a yearly travel insurance policy.  These policies cover the same things that you can get from your travel companies but also cover many more things.  One of the big things they cover is medical transportation. Often in tourist or business destinations such as Mexico, South America, or the Carribeans, good medical service is hard to find or not in places where you are visiting.  This creates a unique need for travelers wanting to still have reasonable access to good health service while also not being hit with $60,000 medical transportation bills. Additionally for business travelers, it takes all the worry out of having to keep up with insurance policies or worrying about whether or not something is covered while abroad or on a family vacation domestically. 

    While those who are light travelers may not see much benefit in a yearly travel insurance policy, those who make more than three trips a year will likely see both a cost savings as well as increased coverage for their travel.  Many yearly travel insurance policies also include additional car rental coverage. This coverage through car rental providers can often run an additional $40-$50 per day depending on your area or location. If you like to rent cars in your destination this can bring the traveler a greater peace of mind while adding an additional benefit of yearly travel insurance. 

    There are many yearly travel insurance providers out there.  Travelguard, Seven Corners, and Nationwide are three of the largest yearly insurance providers and can all provide free quotes to allow you to shop and price a plan that is right for you.