ShelfPack suitcase

The idea of making travel more efficient is an ideal situation, and I try to eliminate as much waiting, overworking, and tedium from my travels no matter where I go. Have you heard of the ShelfPack? It is a unique suitcase, one I am not sure I can buy into. 

The ShelfPack is a suitcase that opens up to contain shelves that very loosely resemble a chest of drawers. It has three outer compartments, four internal shelves that pull up and will run you roughly $349.

Here are just a few problems I see with this bag. Due to its size, you will always have to check the bag. Which is fine except that if you are going away for long enough that you are checking a bag, you would most likely check a bigger bag than the ShelfPack.  You lose a decent amount of space. Based on how much it can hold, I can put all of that plus some in a carry-on and still have room for more. I have not personally experience that quality of the bag in person. Yet, as I watch the video on the website, the two sides of the shelves are mostly the same thing as the retractable pull behind handles on a carry-on. 

Is this bag efficient, sure. Having built-in shelves may be easier to get to all of your luggage. But if your anything like me. I usually unpack all my stuff when I get to my hotel. The Shelfpack allows you not to have to unpack your clothes. But if your traveling for a week, are you not going to hang your shirts or pants so they don’t get wrinkled. Additionally, when you travel you might have to share a room with a co-worker, do you really want to keep all your stuff out so they can see your underdraws? I know I don’t. I would rather have all my stuff put away and in the drawers. 

This bag overall is a neat idea. I think it just lacks the realistic factors of how things actually work. There is so much space missing due to the shelves, among other things. I am just not sure that this suitcase is a real solution for an on the go dresser.