San Antonio: Good Times and Texas Roots

Deep in south Texas lies a city that has plenty of nightlife, and even more history. Where the margaritas are endless and so is the depth of Texas culture and history. This place is called San Antonio, and this rapidly growing city has plenty to offer both travelers and residents alike. With so much to take in, let’s explore the top attractions you must see in San Antonio:

The Alamo- This historic Spanish mission was the site of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, which pitted Texans and their allies against Mexican troops looking to retain Texas as their own. Although the Texans lost the battle, their valiant fight was so legendary that it inspired their brethren to win Texas independence from Mexico. “Remember the Alamo” was the battle cry for the soldiers who carried on the fight for independence, and you certainly won’t forget your visit to this historical monument. Inside the Alamo is a museum with plenty of historical artifacts, and the grounds have a way of taking you back in time to that fateful battle. Visiting the Alamo is free, so there’s no reason not to take in this gem of Texas history.

San Antonio River Walk- Few cities have a downtown with the scenery and vibe that San Antonio does, and the River Walk is the reason that exists for this town. This walk perfectly blends nightlife and restaurants with peaceful serenity, depending on which part of the walk you’re on. During the holidays light displays bring magic to the River Walk, which is followed shortly thereafter by the buzz of college football when the Alamo Bowl brings tens of thousands of football fans to the city. Daily river boat cruises are also offered which allow you to see a different side of the River Walk while learning about its history.Natural Bridge Caverns- Located about 28 miles north of the River Walk, Natural Bridge Caverns is one of the most beautiful underground caverns in the country and the largest in Texas. They have plenty of tour options available, so for a small price you can get a glimpse of some of the beauty that lies beneath the Texas Hill Country.