Road-Trip Must Haves

Is it that time of year to get on the road and take a road trip? Well, if it is for your family, here are some essentials you might want to make sure you have with you. Many times we make the list of all the things we need to pack from clothes for the adventures we are going on, but we forget about some of the most critical car care essentials. 

Nowadays, most cars come with a charging pad in the car, but only one phone works on that at a time. So make sure you have the most basic of USB car chargers. All the passengers will be so happy when they find out you have one because we know that Smartphone battery life is relatively short.

For the driver, a car mount is the easiest way to comply with safe-driving laws, and in some states, they have requirements that you can’t hold a phone while driving. So it’s a small investment that keeps you safe. 

Jumper starter or cables. Ideally, if you are going on a road trip, the jumper starter would be the one to choose. Because you don’t need to try to find someone to help give you a jump if the car does not start. Having a pair of cables won’t hurt anything, but you need to find someone willing to help at that time.

A soft cooler is a great idea; even if you’re not the type to load up on groceries, a cooler can be a lifesaver in moments that can be frustrating. An ice-cold lemonade or snack can help alleviate stressful driving situations, especially with children. 

Water bottles are a must-have item in daily life. They help to keep you hydrated and keep that drink cold — especially when on the road for an extended period. The likelihood of you spilling something out of that water bottle is pretty high, so having a stain remover wipe available is nice to have so you can wear that shirt out again and not have to change if caught in time.

Additionally, having a first-aid kit is something that generally goes unnoticed until it is really needed. Some of the most simple things like an antacid or a fingertip bandage can help with any tantrums or struggles happening at the time.

Lastly, I would say a flare alternative, and if you have a flat and pull over on a busy highway, it can be nerve reaching when cars are traveling at high speed while you are trying to change a tire. These flares can be placed further out, so others know you are there and hopefully slow down.