Rio de Janeiro: The Pulse of Brazil

If you’re fortunate enough to be planning a trip to Brazil’s famous Rio de Janeiro, be sure to check out these top tourist attractions:

Christ the Redeemer Statue- Standing tall atop Mount Corcovado in the south side of Rio de Janeiro, the Christ the Redeemer Statue pays homage to the country’s Catholic population, which is the highest in the world for a nation. The statue took 9 years to construct (from 1922-1931), is 98 feet high and 92 feet wide. The base of the statue offers panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro, with Copacabana beach to the south, downtown Rio de Janeiro along with Guanabara Bay to the east, and the Maracana to the north. There are multiple ways to scale Mount Corcovado, so be sure to pick the best one based on your schedule and abilities. These options are walking up via a path behind Parque Lage which allows you to see waterfalls and the wildlife on the mount, a train which provides the best views as you scale the mount, and taking a taxi which is perfect for those who don’t have much time to visit the statue.

Sugarloaf Mountain- Rising high above the mouth of Guanabara Bay is Sugarloaf Mountain, which gets its name from its resemblance to the cone-shaped peaks of sugarcane that were transported on Portuguese ships during the 16th century. The mountain stands on a peninsula at the mouth of Guanabara Bay, which allows it to provide panoramic views of the city including views of Christ the Redeemer Statue. Transportation to the top of the two mountain peaks is provided by a cable car system that originates from the ground station below. Copacabana Beach- Situated on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean on the south side of Rio de Janeiro is Copacabana Beach, which is one of the world’s most famous beaches. The beach is lined with hotels, restaurants and bars, and has become a central area for activities when large events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics have come to Brazil. There’s plenty to do on the beach including sunbathing, playing volleyball and soccer, and enjoying the beautiful scenery that is Copacabana Beach.