Rest easier in flight with Travelrest Pillow

Do you travel a lot and have problems getting comfy on a plane like I do? Well, look no further because after searching for the right travel pillow I think I may have found what we have all been looking for in the Travelrest pillow. This pillow isn’t just your typical dull U-shaped pillow. This is a pillow with pop. The Travelrest pillow is designed to support your head from the side, but unlike most stays in the same position. 

The Travelrest pillow Is really long compared to the typical u-shaped pillow, but it’s all for functionality by allowing you to wrap your arm around the pillow to help secure it into position. This pillow is designed to be secured in 3 different ways so it comes in handy when you need it.

  1. You can loop it around your body so it stays secure on you no matter how you move
  2. You can secure it to the seat of a plane and be able to wrap your arms around it without 
  3. If you are in a vehicle, you can place it around the headrest and it’s compatible to use with a seatbelt.

          The pillow is made out of velvet-like material that feels great on your face, but It’s definitely not as soft as a pillow at home. You can adjust the firmness by letting out or adding air to what satisfies your wants. If the feel is not quite what you’re looking for don’t worry because there is another option of purchasing the Luxurious Plush velour cover that comes with memory foam so if you like super soft pillows this is the option for you.

Regardless of how big this pillow is filling and deflating this bad boy up is easy peasy. It has a big hole to help inflate it in about 4-5 breaths, but it does depend on your lung capacity so you may have to give or take a little. Packing up and carrying the travelrest pillow is very simple and takes up minimal space. They have designed the bottom buttoned clasp to not only hook around a seatbelt when you use it but also to tie up the whole bundle when you roll it up. You can clasp it to the outside of a carry-on. If you haven’t found a pillow that’s comforting when traveling give the travelrest pillow a shot.

Available colors

Blue, Red, Green, Gray


Material: Synthetic (covered in a Velour/Velvet-like material)

Inflated Dimensions: 2.2 x 4.8 x 10.8 inches (when inflated)

Rolled Dimensions: 2 x 9 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 6.6 ounces / 187 grams