Pelican Products: industrial strength travel gear

Even for an infrequent traveler, there are few stylistic choices that make a bolder statement than gear that is virtually indestructible. And if you are in the class of voyager who carries invaluable equipment into the harshest conditions, then such gear is essential. In recent years, Pelican Products has distinguished itself for industrial strength durability and styling that celebrates such toughness.

Despite a recent uptick in Pelican’s overall profile, the California company has been churning out protective cases since its founding in 1976. Pelican was started by an avid scuba diver who understood the need for packing and storage solutions that could withstand rough treatment and even provide protection when the case was fully submerged. Pelican continued its focus on boutique and professional equipment until growth and expansion between 2008 and 2012 lead to inclusion of more consumer goods. Now Pelican is an international player that continues its tradition of pro-grade quality and custom products, including government and military contracts, while also providing an increasing number of items that allow even the casual traveller to take advantage of Pelican’s stunning and durable designs.

Take, for example, the 1535 Pelican Air carry-on case. Pelican Air is a line that, as the name implies, allows for maximum protection in a lightweight package. The case looks like a standard Pelican, with molded plastic, rubber o-rings, and secure latches, but this case is made with the air traveler in mind. The 1535 will fit in the standard airline overhead and the locks are TSA approved. Also, the case features wheels and a retractable handle, both of which meet the exacting standards for quality that apply to all other Pelican products.

The interior of the 1535 can be a bit daunting at first. Many of the creature comforts found in more conventional luggage are missing, such as dividers, organizers and zip covers. Instead, the 1535 comes with a customizable foam interior that can be used to create a safe cradle for any expensive and fragile equipment, or can be completely (or mostly) removed to allow for a more conventional approach to packing. 

For a family vacation, the Pelican 1535 may provide more protection than you will ever need, but there is no denying its rugged good looks and its unmatched durability.