Pack-it Cubes

Are you an unpacker when you arrive at your destination?  I know that I am. But unsure what’s been in the drawers. Have they even been cleaned out? Do you really want to put your stuff in the drawers. I have a solution for you — the Eagle Creek’s redesigned classic Pack-It cubes. I prefer them because the material is excellent. They’re mostly made of 200-denier polyester fabric that has a hand-feel reminiscent of gaming gear, yet they are soft and brightly colored. 

We all know that packing is not the most exciting thing, and even at times, airlines throw your bags around, and don’t you want all of your things shifting and then making your bag a mess when you open it. If your anything like me, when I travel, I do not want to live out of my bag, and I like things to have a typical feel as much as possible. So I tend to take the time to hang things up and put things in drawers as if I will stay for a while. The Eagle Creek Pack-it cubes are an excellent way to unpack everything but also know what my clothes are touching and having the peace of mind that they are clean. 

When it comes to packing, everyone is always looking for the most effective way to pack and take only what is needed. While packing cubes can help with that, they can also help minimize what you need to take. The redesigned cubes make it easy to access what you have packed. It has a full mesh top with a zipper that will fully open to access to what is inside. One thing that is not ideal is that it has thin sides, which doesn’t allow for the cubes to stand up on their own- making it more challenging to pack. But with these being tear-resistant and water-resistant, it holds up pretty well over a long period of time. 

If you are looking for something that will make your packing simple and keep things organized, I would recommend the Eagle Creek Pack-it Cubes. There are a lot of options in pack-it cubes; these seem to hold up the best from what I have experienced.