Mack’s Flightguard Ear Plugs: Transform your flying experience

Invented in 1903 by the Wright Brothers, air travel has completely revolutionized travel and the way we live our lives. The amount of air travel exploded exponentially throughout the twentieth century, and recently has been projected to double yet again over the next twenty years. While air travel has brought tremendous convenience to the average consumer with the cost of airfare plummeting as access continues to grow, it can also bring about problems to a certain percentage of the population. These issues center around ear pain and other ear issues that this pain can cause. This pain is brought about by the change in altitude on the ascent and descent of the aircraft during flight, and can lead to severe pain for some and even the bursting of the eardrum in others. For years there hasn’t been a solution to this decades-old problem, but now Mack’s has provided one with their Flightguard ear plugs.

 From swimming to general noise prevention, Mack’s has been at the forefront of the ear plug space for many years. With the introduction of their Flightguard earplugs, they are now bringing that same comfort and quality to air travelers worldwide. For those who just need in-flight noise produced by the plane or screaming children reduced, Mack’s Flightguard provides 26 decibels of noise reduction, allowing you to sleep or work in peace while enjoying your flight. Often times ear plugs achieve these results through discomfort, but Mack’s utilizes four different extra soft flanges of progressively smaller size, allowing these ear plugs to insert with ease and not cause discomfort on long flights.

 The ultimate benefit of Mack’s Flightguard ear plugs is their ability to minimize the effects of air pressure on the ear. This is achieved by Mack’s through their AERO Filter tube technology, which automatically regulates the air pressure in the ear throughout the user’s flight. From the #1 brand of ear plugs as recommended by doctors, the Flightguard ear plugs have been tested in-flight, in a lab, have been approved by frequent flyers, and have high ratings in markets where they are sold. So next time you’re looking to get on a flight, be sure to pick up a pair so you can enjoy every aspect of your flying experience.