Legoland: A great trip for Parents and Kids!

My daughter is big into Legos. Every chance she gets she is building something that makes her feel happy out of all the loose Legos that we own. When she is not doing that she is building sets that we sometimes get for her and loves to play with them and play with her various mini-figures.  So when we saw a flight deal out to San Diego we jumped on it!

    Legoland is about a 45 minute to one hour from San Diego.  We went during non peak traffic times and had no issue with the drive.  There are many options when staying at Legoland, but the two on-site Hotels are the Legoland Castle and the original Legoland hotel.   We stated at the castle and loved it. Each room has a King Sized bed with an additional kid are that has two bunk beds and a TV. My daughter loves bunk beds and had no problem sleeping with the light ceiling on also.  

The hotel has Lego items everywhere you look. From when you first walk in there is a large pit for kids to play full of Legos and around the hotel grounds, there are additional lego figurines all over.  We went during an off-peak time and would recommend this to everyone. Our first day in the park (a Thursday) we waited in line no more than five minutes for any ride and a few of the rides had no wait at all so if my daughter loved it she could jump off then get back on.  Her favorite ride was the dragon roller coaster. It is a great roller coaster for kids that is just ‘scary’ enough for them to do it again. The only roller coaster our five year old did not like was the Technics roller coaster, it did have a little drop but nothing an adult would think anything about.  

Legoland USA was awesome seeing the cities and skylines of famous places from around the world, although overall it seemed some of the places were in not the best of shape.  There was also a small outdoor Star Wars set up with lots of big ships. We ate lunch at the park each day, and while the food was a little expensive it was all of good quality, not standard theme park fare.  Our favorite snack item was the Apple Fries, apples that are battered with cinnamon and then get fried and served with whipped cream, we loved them and got one each day. It seemed the most popular ride was the Ninjago ride.  You rode around and used hand motions to ‘shoot’ and 3d screens while wearing 3d glasses. All the kids seemed to love it and it was a lot of fun with the kid.

    We would recommend anyone with a child that is into Legos to checkout California Legoland.  It was a blast for the parents and my kid is ready to go back today!