Laptop Backpack with Organization.

Are you one of those who has a compulsion to carry every piece of tech with you on your back? If you are the eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack does more than hold everything, this pack keeps stuff organized and readily available for you when you need it. 

This bag holds and organizes an impressive amount of gear without bulging or becoming disorganized. Although some people don’t like it’s techie aesthetic, it’s ultra-functional organization is excellent if you carry many small things and want each of them to have there own place.

I carry a 13-inch MacBook Pro and its charger, a 9.7-inch iPad Pro with the smart keyboard, a memo pad, a Seagate portable hard drive, an SD card, two USB to lightning cables, a micro USB Cable, an Anker battery pack, my keys and my Yeti travel mug and on occasion a Ziploc with snacks in it. 

With the bag fully packed with my gear, the Professional Slim was comfortable, even when I lugged it around the airport than in a Convention center for a three-day conference. Having the wider shoulder and back padding helped to shift the weight well, and with the ventilation channel, you don’t have to deal with the back sweat that tends to happen in most other bags. 

The main pocket has a sleeve dedicated for a laptop that is up to 17 inches, a separate tablet pocket that you access from the top. But the impressive part is the organizational strength in the front pocket. With an arrangement of storage options and serves as a built-in cable organizer on the front of your bag. The pocket hinges sideways, similar to the opening door. So you never have to dig down into the bottom of the bag to access all of the cords, adapters, or smaller pieces that you carry with you to make all your technology work. 

The back also has an AC-adapter pocket at the bottom with a removable crush-proof case that is just the right size for your camera and its accessories. 

A lot of people don’t like how tech aesthetic is it. They lean very hard towards that look and weighing in at more than three pounds when empty. The bag itself is large, and it’s tall. So with the board layout, it might be the best fit for some peoples backs. 

This bag is perfect for the tech enthusiast that needs all of the gear with them at all times. I love it, and it has worked great on all my work trips.