International Business Class on a Budget

Have you ever tried to book a business class ticket and found the price to be out of reach? Premium travel, of course, comes with a premium cost however one carrier in particular sticks out when it comes to price, product, and quality.  

Turkish Airlines is a carrier that I have taken several times and I would put Turkish Airlines air product up with almost any other airline.  One disadvantage to Turkish is that almost all of their international flights route through Istanbul, this can lead to long layovers and longer length overall trips.  To make up for this they have one of the best lounges in the world. Their lounge in Istanbul includes chefs making locally specialty, local Turkish coffee, movie room, and even a driving range.  There are not many other places that I can think of to spend a long layover than the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul. The Turkish Airlines air product is also great. A dedicated Chef takes your order and helps prepare meals, snacks, and coffee throughout the flight.  The meals onboard are served in three courses. The first appetizer course is brought out on a cart and allows the passenger to pick and choose from international and local favorites. I have experienced many small dishes I have never tried before the two times that I have flown Turkish Airlines.  The appetizers are followed up by your main course which you select from a menu right after boarding. After the main course the Chef again comes around with a cart to serve desserts and coffee. The food and dining that I experienced rivaled almost any other airline I have traveled.  

Another big advantage of Turkish Airlines is the cleanliness of the Airplane.  After experiencing domestic and international flights on American Domestic carriers, I can say that the cleanliness of the plane and bathrooms was miles better than other airlines I have experienced.  My seat had a view of the restroom and almost every time someone used it an attendant followed up by cleaning the bathroom and laying out a new seat cover each time. This lead to a great experience that many sometimes dread when flying, using the airplane restroom.  My seat area was clean and free from any nasty bits you sometimes find in between the seats of domestic carriers. The Business Class is full lie-flat seats with plenty of legroom with a wide area for your feet. While not the best sleep I have ever had on a plane it certainly was not the worst.  

With over 242 international destinations in 122 countries, Turkish Airlines can easily connect you with the rest of the world while delivering a great product at lower costs.