How to carry-on your vape while traveling

Have you recently replaced your cigarettes with a vaping device, and you’re wondering whether it’s legal for you to bring it on a flight? Well, as you know, vaping is forbidden on flights just like smoking is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your best vape with you. There is something you should be aware of before taking your vape on a flight. Here are a few highlights you should keep in mind. 

Vapes and e-cigarettes are allowed in your carry-on bags. According to TSA regulations, these devices should only be stored in your carry-on and not in your checked luggage. Just because you can take it in your carry on, doesn’t mean you can use it after you board the plane. One of the main reasons why vapes are allowed in carry-on bags is because of the unpredictability of loose lithium-ion batteries in the cargo holds. 

Just know, there is nothing to worry about when passing through security. The security officer might ask you to turn on your device as a part of a routine check to make sure you’re not carrying an explosive or anything similar, but that is about it. When you are on your flight, you can’t charge your vape. If you read the fine print on your vape, they say most mishaps happen on trips are related to charging, causing most departments to ban charging of vapes while flying. 

One big question is about the vaping liquid you utilize in your vape. That liquid is treated just like any other liquid. Meaning you can only carry up to 100ml of liquid. If you have more, you need to pack that in your checked luggage. To note, if you bring your liquid on in your carry on you are still only allowed a single 1-quart clear plastic bag.

It is essential to check the country you are traveling too. As some countries have banned vaping altogether, and it would be best to leave your vape at home if going to one of these counties. Additionally, check with your airline as each have different guidelines and level of tolerance when it comes to vaping devices. 

So if you are looking to travel and be able to utilize your vape, these are the best options as you prepare for your upcoming trip.