Flagstaff, Arizona!

Flagstaff, Arizona, is surrounded by mountains, desert, and ponderosa pine forests. Its a getaway to the San Francisco Peaks, home to Arizona’s tallest mountain Humphreys Peak. Flagstaff is a four-season hub of activity where an eclectic mix of small-town charm and endless outdoor adventures meet. 

It is attracting outdoor enthusiasts year-round with its spacious vistas and fresh, clean mountain air. Many of the favorite things to do include hiking, mountain biking, disc golf, camping, boating, and rock climbing. During the winter months, it will be more skiers and snowboarders as well as families who come to enjoy the nearby snow play. 

Flagstaff can be used as a home base if you would like to explore so much around. The city is only 80 miles from the Grand Canyon and close to seven national parks and monuments. Echoes of a rugged pioneer past blend with modern-day innovation to create a destination full of activities for all ages.  History buffs will delight in the Route 66 nostalgia and the museums and attractions that are dedicated to the Native American Culture and old west legacy. 

Wupatiki national MOnument is a beautiful place to go see. Rock walls of 800-year-old pueblos dot a desert landscape once home of thousands of people. You can learn how they survived by farming, hunting and gathering, and trading. The scenic drive also gives you some beautiful views as you drive along. 

Sunset Crater Volcano which was born in a dramatic series of eruptions only 900 years ago, it is still the youngest Volcano on the Colorado Plateau, you can learn of the powerful geologic forces and their aftermath. Heck, if you want to see it for yourself, you can go on a one-mile self-guided lava flow trail. It would be an experience you would not forget. 

If you are not picky about the time of year that you go. Flagstaff can offer you so much, depending on what your family likes to do if that is hiking, biking, skiing, or tubing. Flagstaff has it all. Time to plan your trip, pack your bags, and enjoy a time away. See you soon, Flagstaff!