Find the Cheapest Car Rentals with this site

Often when planning out a trip where we plan to drive, my family has started to look at car rentals as an alternative to driving our own car.  We have found this to be beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, anytime you are driving a car that is not your own and not putting miles on your personal car you are extending the life of your main car by lowering mileage related maintenance as well as any potential mechanical mishaps while on a trip. 

With a rental, if you run into a maintenance issue it is usually easily resolved by swapping out your car giving you more time to enjoy your trip without worrying about what may happen en route. Another advantage of a rental car is we can enjoy a vehicle that gives more room than our typical daily mid-sized SUV.  We often like to pickup a minivan or a truck to help us haul our luggage for a short or long trip. Of course, all this wouldn’t be possible if the car rental costs outweigh any advantage that we may get from not using our personal car.  

Lately, our family has been using a site called Auto Slash. Auto Slash has consistently found deals cheaper than sites like Priceline or Travelocity and also finds deals better than listed on the Rental Car companies direct site.  Recently, we were able to book a minivan rental with unlimited miles for four days at a price of $140. At first, I was shocked at this price so I went and comparison shopped the various car rental providers including directly through the company site.  When comparing the price for a minivan to other sites I found that Auto Slash was almost half the cost of any other booking rental. Auto Slash does this by searching various promos and coupons for each provider and presents a list to you that is also tailored to any discount clubs or credit cards that provide benefits.  For example, when giving Auto Slash your search preferences it also asks if you hold a Costco membership or a Southwest Airlines credit card. Both of these offer additional rental benefits that upon the initial search you may not know about however Auto Slash is able to search these and present them to you in a matter that is user-friendly and allows you to complete the reservation directly with the rental company on their site.  

Car rental companies also like to give a discount for weekend rentals as a lot of their rental business is tailored to the business rentals during the week.  Auto Slash takes the hassle out of comparing different car rental companies and presents them grouped together by price and size saving me both time and money.  With Auto Slash not requiring you to book on their site and linking you directly to the rental companies, you can rest assured your information is safe and the booking is legitimate.  Next time you are looking to take a short or long road trip, check out Auto Slash and see if it can help you save money today.