DNA Results, Have me traveling to Morocco

Today we live in the information age. Never before have we had so much knowledge at our fingertips, but besides having a few distant cousins on Facebook. How much do you know about your genealogy? Ancestry explorations has been given a new lease on life for many who have decided to partake in the do-it-yourself DNA kits. 

After receiving your DNA test, it is now the best time to book a trip to see where your heritage is and what it is like where your ancestors started your lineage.  Everyone has a DNA story; you get an opportunity to see the breakdown and make a trip to Morocco or even Portugal depending on how the results come back. 

Being able to see Morocco in its fully beauty could be a dream for some. There is so much to do, and you could experience so many things like Staying in a Riad, which at one time was apart of the Royal Palace. Spend a night in the Sahara Dunes, and to get there, you will have the opportunity to ride on a camel to get into Morocco’s slice of the Sahara. Watching the sunset cast its colors all around the dunces before settling into the tented oasis camp to listen to all the live music, and enjoy a nice meal as you gaze at an impossibly starry sky. Then waking up early enough to enjoy the sunrise, which is something you will never forget. 

In just about every town in Morocco, you can find a public hammam, which is a bathing house. Where you can douse yourself with varying temperatures of water from buckets, then settle in for a scrub-down at the hands of a staffer sporting a kiis (an exfoliating glove). Hammam is one of the most authentic ways to experience Morocco’s bathing traditions. 

Before you end your trip, you have to make sure that you learn to cook, Moroccan Style. Cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, coriander are just a few of the spices that star in traditional Moroccan cooking, which takes its influences from the diverse cultural mix. Learn to cook a classic chicken, and lemon dish in the traditional cone-shaped clay vessel called a tagine in a cooking class so you can create the perfect meal. 

If your DNA test comes back with a percentage of Morocco, it will be a trip to remember. Go ahead and book that trip and make sure to take the time to learn more about the culture and how things are done in the Moroccan way.