Destination Dubai

Imagine seeing a New York city oasis in the middle of a desert, imagine looking around and seeing highways, nice cars and seemingly endless sky scrapers while just around the corner having the desert be staring you in the face.  That is what it is like to visit Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It is hard to explain the complicated modern beauty that is this city, but the trip should be on everyone’s bucket list for visiting at least once in a lifetime.

The malls are like visiting a high end store and a museum mashed-up together in america, statues and art everywhere, but also some of the finest shopping available in the world, with high-end global and local brands galore.  There are six major malls in the city, all offering many different things than the next, but no matter which one you choose you will easily find what you are looking for.

The “Must Try” list

The Burj khalifa – Topping out at 828 meters tall it is the tallest building in the world and contains a hotel as well as many other tenants.  When you go to the top you can actually see the curvature of the earth, (tough realization for any flat earthers visiting). It is such a spectacle pictures simply don’t do them justice, it is a must see no question.

Ski Dubai – When you wake up from a dream and realize that you actually did visit a giant indoor ski slope in the desert in Dubai you won’t be disappointed.  The indoor facility is attached to the mall of the Emirates and the temperature is kept at -1 to -2 degrees celsius at all times. So make sure you pack your sweater for your trip to the desert and hit the slopes while you’re there.

Palm Jumeirah – Out of all the things in Dubai this sounds like the most outrageous thing on the list.  The Palm Jumeirah is a completely man made interconnected island of expensive homes and condos and shops, that is made in the shape of a palm tree (however you can only perfectly see from the air.) It definitely makes the list and is something you should check out via google maps when you are bored.

The Laws and local customs are an important consideration when deciding where to travel, and Dubai is no exception.  They don’t allow alcohol consumption and pornogragy or adult entertainment so in many ways it’s a very family friendly country.  If renting a car it’s important to remember that you can be ticketed for having your car be too dirty, (lucky for drivers almost all of the gas stations have quick car washes attached.) All of that being said it is hard to go wrong visiting Dubai anytime of the year.