Campground or Commuter works for both

If you take your laptop with you to work or school, a backpack is the best way to carry it. A backpack is more ergonomic than a messenger back, with the capability of holding more of what you need than a briefcase, and more stylish than a rolling bag. One of my top picks would be the Topo Rover Pack. It is for a practical city commuter who appreciates a mountain aesthetic. 

The Topo Rover Pack combines a campground aesthetic with a practical design perfect for those subway commutes. The main pocket is a large bucket, with a divider for your laptop, that you can expand to accommodate a lot of stuff such as notebooks, books, chargers, lunch containers, headphones you name it you can put it in there. Once it’s nice and full, you can cinch it closed and then buckle it from the stop. 

The outside of the bag has two zippered pockets, one in the flap top and one on the front of the bag — both big enough to fit a portable charger, a snack, some cables, and an iPad mini. There are also two expandable side pockets for water bottles.

Impressively the back itself is just under two pounds, and it has a cushy padded shoulder straps. Meaning that even when you’ve filled it with your work essentials, it’s still supremely comfortable to wear. The fabric is water-resistant, so no worries about getting caught in a drizzle. All of your gear will stay nice and protected. 

A few things I wish they would have changed on the bag but is not a deal-breaker for me is the front pockets are a little small. Ideally, they would be large enough to accommodate a small book so that you wouldn’t have to unbuckle and rummage through the interior to access something to read during your commute. Or be able to put away once you get to your destination and not have to go to the big pocket. 

Looking for a bag that you can use for camping and for your everyday commute, this bag is just for you. Isn’t too flashy but can get the job done for your every adventure.