Bring all your friends with this 7 person tent

At Travelnicer we bring you the best in travel gear reviews. If you are going camping with a large group or family Kathmandu Retreat 360 7 Person Module Tent is the ideal tent. This 7 person tent has 2 vestibules with the inner leading to the sleeping compartments. There are 2 large and 1 small sleeping compartment which can also be used for storage. One can fit a queen size inflatable bed or 3 adult sleeping bags in the larger compartments and 1 adult sleeping  bag in the small compartment. There are doors with built-in insect screens leading to each compartment and the privacy screen can be opened for increased ventilation. The outer vestibule is useful for storage, a kitchen or another living area. To protect all these compartments the ground sheet is made from 100% PE Tarpaulin with a rating of 2000mm (the fabric can withstand 2,000mm of water over a day before water will start to penetrate through) and the flysheet is rated at 3000mm. In addition to a large headroom, the Retreat 360 has a generous number of vents and windows with insect screens at ground level, mid and the roof to keep occupants cool during summer. These can all be closed during cooler weather. 

Construction is straightforward with colour coded tent poles and clips, because of its size it is recommended to have 2 people on the job. Generous number of reflective guy ropes keep the flysheet taut and firmly down on windy days. What I like about the Retreat 360 tent is that it allows you to camp in comfort not only due to its large room space but also features not normally found in other tents, such as bottom zip openings for power cords, storage pockets, magnet points to attach compatible lights or appliances, overhanging hooks and a clear roof pocket for a small solar panel. 

If you have an even larger group of or want to add more sheltered space, the modular capabilities of the Retreat 360 allows you to attach the Kathmandu Retreat hub which can also be connected to other compatible tents in the Retreat range. I personally have not used this feature  but the idea is pretty cool. The one downside of the Retreat 360 is packing it up, besides meaning it will be an end to yet another awesome camping trip, it is very difficult to pack the tent sheets back into its back. It involves having to fold the large sheets up as compact as possible, placing the bag under the sheet, and having somebody sit on top of the sheets while you try and wrap the bag around them. It all ends when you successfully zip the bag shut. 

Overall this tent is great for large groups or families, wanting to share the security and comfort of 1 tent. At the price AUD $ 839.98 ( USD $581) it does serve its purpose very well.