Bedouin Foundry sets a higher standard

We are living in the golden age of bags and packs. Where once travelers were limited to offerings by Samsonite or American Tourister, there are now a plethora of options that allow the consumer to express style and individuality. Often the buyer can get a bag that outperforms the competition but at a lower price. 

And then there is Bedouin Foundry, who offers a level of craftsmanship, style and durability that simply outpaces every other product in the class, regardless of price. A Bedouin bag is not cheap. You may be hard pressed to find a more expensive bag among the competition, but the upgrade in quality is such that the premium price is more than justified. 

Some companies are trying to find market inefficiencies that will let them become “the next big thing.” Bedouin is offering an altogether different approach. The goal is to set a new standard and become the thing that everyone else wants to copy. Seems a risky business model for a small shop in England. There are so many things that can go wrong, factors outside the business’ control, and yet for Bedouin and it’s small line of products, it’s working.

A further word on price as we get into the actual Bedouin products: Some high-end luxury products have a premium they can (and do) charge just based on the exclusivity factor of their brand name. This also means that the brand name has to be prominently displayed so it can be seen as the owner makes his or her way around town. This is most decidedly NOT the Bedouin Foundry paradigm.

The thing that passers by will notice, however, is that these bags and carry items have an unmistakable style and substance that transcends any particular brand name. Take the least pricey offering: the tool roll called ‘Hold Fast’ that sells for £80. There are five pockets for tools that cannot be no longer than 230mm. Some pockets can hold more than one (skinny) tool, but that fact remains that 80 Euro is still somewhat steep for such a simple pack. But it is beyond artisan quality. It is not just beautiful and stunning to the touch, but it is built to last forever. 

The same is true throughout Bedouin’s limited line. There are only ten items, plus natural wax blocks for product care. The fancier messenger bag titled Barbary can be had for £390. It is 45 liters of handmade luxury, with bespoke clasps, extra stitching and leather reinforcement, and a beautifully lined interior for the main pocket. Bags like these never fail to inspire their owners and only look better with age.

With their exclusive products that blend durability and lasting style, Bedouin Foundry is the status brand for those who do not care about status.