Barcelona, a diverse city with so much to see and do.

Barcelona is a city on the coast of Northeastern Spain, it is the capital and largest city of the community which is Catalonia, with a population of 1.6 million inhabitants it is the second-most populous municipality of Spain, the urban area that covers the Province of Barcelona extends to neighbouring municipalities and is home to some 4.8 million people.

Barcelona was founded as a Roman city, with the middle ages it became the capital and County of Barcelona, as time went on the city became more and more important as an economic and administrative centre, to this day the Principality of Barcelona has a rich cultural heritage as well as being a major tourist destination with many attractions and things to do all over the city

Amongst other accolades, the city has been designated with being a UNESCO world heritage site, the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi can be found not only in Barcelona but in it’s surrounding areas and open spaces. There is the Sagrada Familia cathedral that is still being built some 400 years after construction first began  – the cathedral and spires can be visited and welcoming views over the whole city witnessed in awe, the ‘Park Guell’ with its ceramic tiled features including sculptures that are just amazing and still stands the tests of time, what better way to get away from it all than a simple walk in the park that has good views of the city… There is the Dragons Gate (El Drac de Gaudi at Finca Guell) as well as Gaudia crypt (Church of Colònia Güell), The Gaudi house museum and a number of other informational/attraction sites.

If you like major sporting venues you should visit the Olympic stadium where many international sporting events have taken place and still do to this day, FC Barcelona football ground is there too and a little walk around the hallowed grass ground is something to experience.

There are many public squares in the city and each one of these has its own design and layout, as well as having a form of escapism when just sitting quietly down away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets with beautiful fountains and green spaces within them to see too, be sure to visit the Plaza del Rei, The Plaza Real, The Plaza del Pi y,  La Plaza Sant Jaume with the City hall of Barcelona and the Government of Catalunya surrounding gardens and open spaces.

If you like good food and drink you are sure for a treat, whether you like  Paella with a nice full-bodied glass of Cave Spanish wine in a trendy restaurant or a simple bomba snack with Spanish Cava, seafood is a speciality and very popular in Barcelona, you can easily and cheaply enjoy Calamari or squid, this can be grilled or fried, as you know the sea is one of natures Larders and a whole host of seafood dishes can be enjoyed and around in the city.

Talking of the sea, Barcelona has 4.5 Kilometres of excellent beaches offering tourists a good variety of choices, Barceloneta is the closest to the city but there are others, these are all connected or close by to the Metro and bus/tram systems, this form of transport is probably the best way to get around the city but there are other ways and means including the cable car (Montjuïc Funicular) that you should really take a trip on even if only once. 

You can get a city pass that allows for unlimited travel on the Metro including from the airport and road buses around the city – you can purchase 2, 3, 4 or 5 day (and night) options. These passes are available at the Barcelona El Prat Airport as well as from vending machines at any Metro (underground/tube) station. 

There is also the Barcelona card, this gives you free transport on the RENFE train from the airport to the city centre, you can also get free unlimited transport on the Barcelona Metro that includes the bus and tram systems, there are also added bonuses of having either free or discounted entry into many of Barcelona top attractions.

There is so much to do around Barcelona, from the Gothic quarter with its narrow cobbled streets and squares that are full of stores, street cafes bars and terraces to the nightlife and clubs off “La Ramblas”, this street runs horizontally through the city center and is a good starting point, as well as landmark to get your bearings by – check out the various food markets there, you will be astonished by the selection and presentation.

Barcelona has lots to offer for sightseers, foodies and nightlife aficionados, if you are traveling on a budget, there are plenty of hostels available as well as Air BnB options available for short breaks, if the budget is not a problem there are many world-class hotels to choose from and this is one destination you should add to your list.