Away Carry-on Review

The luggage has been out for quite some time now and still, you’re bound to run into an ad, Instagram story, or what seems like every blogger known to man owning and praising The Away Carry-On and The Bigger Carry-On. This hardshell carry on is minimalistic on the outside, but the interior side is where all the magic happens. Away co-founders Jen Rubio and Steph Korey started selling the Away carry-on in February 2016. they met while working at the optical brand, Warby Parker and later on reconnected and decided to make the best carry-on bag for travelers. They took Warby Parker’s ethics of slashing prices and getting customers feedback on what changes are needed to bring the best travel bag to its consumers and selling them at a fraction of the price.


When I received my Away Carry-on I was actually blown away, by how it’s packaged. Most just come in a plain box, but not this bad boy. It comes in a Large signature navy branded box and instead of coming in an unrecyclable plastic bag this carry-on came cocooned in a nice cotton muslin dust bag and made me feel like I was unboxing a suitcase that was made of pure premium love. It already gave me high hopes with the build quality if the packaging was this fabulous. The dust bag can have alternative uses like for dirty clothes, use for groceries at Aldi, or to just store away things besides using it for your carry-on. 


The design is minimal and chunky with a grooved shell, but there are versions of this with a nylon pocket on the front I think it’s best to go with the indestructible minimalist look on the outside because it leaves less probability for damaging your luggage. The shell is polycarbonate with a subtly grainy feel, the telescoping handle has a soft rubber finish, and the trim comes in a black matte finish which includes the metal on the telescopic handle, the carry handles, and even the zipper piping and a TSA-friendly lock. They do offer alternative finishes, but in limited edition runs. Away also periodically releases new colors to appease to the masses so if you don’t necessarily like one you can wait and possibly get the color you prefer. There are plenty of compartments to store various items and even has a compression panel to help for times when you have to pack or come back with a little more things. There is a separate zipper and mesh pocket for undergarments. It greatly helps keep liked articles together. One of the features I enjoy the best is it comes with a laundry bag, but if you prefer not to use it the bag can be stored in a pouch that takes up literally zero space. A rare feature that isn’t on many carry-ons, but gives you peace of mind while traveling is the built-in lock system. It’s on the top In a great place and almost flush with the bag so it doesn’t stick out like an eyesore

Portable charging pack

Like most travelers, the battery pack may be the best feature for the majority of travelers. Who doesn’t travel without either cell phone, tablet, smartwatch or their laptop? Chances are you are traveling with at least one of them. It is located near the telescopic handle and is even removable to provide  assistance even when you are away from your luggage while traveling. The only downfall is it charges your device pretty slow. In an hour it only charged my s9 plus to 20% but having the ability to charge my devices was good enough for me. This carry-on is an amazing bag at the price of $245, but has the build and features of a $600 carry-on.


The carry-on:


In 12 colors

The bigger carry-on:


In 12 colors