Avoid getting sick while traveling.

When you’ve spent the best part of a year planning your adventures, the last thing you want to do is spend the entire vacation holed up in your hotel room battling a sickness bug and wishing you’d never left home. It sounds out there, but many folks have their vacation canceled or cut short due to falling ill or experiencing an accident while they are traveling. Getting sick is just apart of everyday life, and long-term travel and constantly experiencing new environments make you more vulnerable to getting sick. Prevention is better than any cure; here are some useful tips for staying healthy while traveling.

Keeping your self hydrated is an absolute must when you’re traveling, especially when you’re flying. Stale plane air is enough to make anyone feel ill, getting your travels off to a healthy start means drinking plenty before and while you’re in the air and throughout the remaining time of your travels. One way to boost your water intake is by enjoying fruits. 

Now many people are familiar with the act of regular hand washing, But when traveling, this isn’t always possible. You’ll encounter a lot of germy tray tables on the plane; bacteria coated handles at your hotel, soiled cash, and less than sanitary toilets and even dirty ATM keypads. One way to make sure you stay on top of the germs and bacteria is carrying around pocket-size hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes. It can make a big difference in what you encounter as you travel. 

One mistake we forget it making time to relax while we get away. We all know that while traveling, it means long, busy days that are full of activity and nights that are just as hectic. With this in mind, its essential that you take time to rest and relax as much as you can. Just like at home, we can, but the candle on both ends, we tend to feel burnt out. Vacation is not much different. I’m sure there have been times you needed a vacation from your vacation because there was no time to relax. 

If you are staying at a hotel with a gym, make sure to get an exercise or two in. Exercising helps to toughen up your body while adjusting to new environments. I exercise early in the morning, right after waking up. If I tried to do it any other time with all the activities, i don’t think I would be able to get it in from being too tired from the day. 

Lastly, don’t forget about your skin. Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated is just as important as keeping your body hydrated. Research the climate you will be visiting and prepare accordingly. Moisturize often, apply sunscreen when needed, and keep water close. As you travel, remember to enjoy the activities, relax, recharge, and stay hydrated.