5 reasons to go Concierge on your next Disney cruise

Ready to cruise? Check out Disney Concierge to cruise like a celebrity!


Early Booking of Activities – Concierge guests can book their onboard and shore activities 120 days prior to sailing. This gives concierge guests a huge opportunity to take advantage of the special character meet and greets, meals, and activities before nearly everybody else. A dedicated concierge specialist will help you with your requests via a dedicated 800 number or through email. If your sailing includes a stop at Castaway Key this is nearly the only way to lock in a much coveted cabana, which while expensive is worth every penny.


Priority Boarding and Check-In – Sailing from Port Canaveral? Concierge boarding at the main Disney terminal is unlike any priority boarding at sea. After checking in at your dedicated concierge/platinum area your dedicated cast member will walk you through all the lines, directly to the ship where you will walk on ahead of any boarding group previously called. It’s a true “Rock Star” experience and when you hear the words “Concierge family coming through” you’ll know your concierge experience has begun.


The Concierge Lounge – The Concierge Lounge is an incredible amenity that is worth every penny. The hosts are always at the ready to help you make dinner reservations at Palo or Remy, make arrangements for last minute shore excursions, or in our case, surprise a member of our sailing party with his favorite appetizer of escargots (which wasn’t being served in any of the three main dining rooms) on Christmas evening.


For those who crave a morning coffee without the line or the additional expense, the lounge provides an espresso machine that quickly brews lattes, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and more. Flavor syrups are provided, as well. A continental breakfast is offered each morning and special snacks are rotated throughout the day. In the evening, complimentary beer, wine and cocktails are served. 


Also available to Concierge guests is the ability to order meals from any of the main dining rooms to be delivered to your stateroom.  Enjoy dinner from your balcony while taking in a beautiful sunset! 


Additionally, the lounge provides a private sundeck, complete with a hot tub, deck chairs and cooling misters. The sundeck is where you might encounter a favorite Disney character during a private meet-and-greet, though we’ve also had these experiences inside the lounge itself. Though most may think of the character greeting as being designed for kids, there’s just something so special about waiting to see who’s going to come through the door. It’s just another example of the particular brand of Disney magic you’ll experience as a Concierge level guest.