4 Tropical Islands Close to the United States

Having trouble planning a vacation to a beautiful island without the pain of traveling for 12+ hours? Check out our top four tropical islands close to the United States.


Caye Caulker- Belize is a Central American nation that is beautiful and has the friendliest people, and Caye Caulker off its coast is certainly no exception. People on Caye Caulker are incredibly relaxed and friendly, and the island is known for its laid-back feel. While on the Caye, you can enjoy many water activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, and feeding the local fish. There’s not much for kids to do on the island, so be sure to take your grownup friends when you go.


Sunset Key- The Florida Keys are known the world over as a great place to vacation and enjoy the tropical side of Florida. Sunset Key is one of these keys, and its known for being a sleepy place to either vacation or live during the right times of the year. While on Sunset Key, you can visit its famous spa, enjoy its beautiful beaches, and play the outdoor sports that the key has to offer. The island certainly isn’t famous for its nightclubs, so come to this island if you’re looking for some peaceful relaxation.


Isla Mujeres- The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is known the world over for its many tourist destinations, including Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen. One of the lesser known destination spots is a small island called Isla Mujeres, which is located just off the northern coast of Cancun. The island has several lovely resorts, as well as beautiful beaches that rival nearby Cancun. Isla Mujeres also has a plethora of shops to explore, and other attractions like parks and water sports that are quite enjoyable to partake in.


Montego Bay- The island of Jamaica is famous for its inviting people and vibrant culture, and Montego Bay has both in spades. Montego Bay is a hub for quality resorts from brands you can trust, but there’s no escaping the light-hearted Jamaican culture. Montego Bay’s beaches are incredibly beautiful, and the city’s nightlife can’t be beat. Also keep an eye out for Montego Bay when booking your next cruise, as the city serves as a popular port for the major cruise lines.