3 Products for Travel Convenience

When traveling many people miss the conveniences of home, but you won’t when you bring along these handy travel items:

Dress Shirt Case- When it comes to traveling with business clothing or formal wear, it can be hard to protect men’s dress shirts. No matter how hard you try to neatly pack and compress your clothes, they always seem to shift around the suitcase and your dress shirts inevitably get compressed and wrinkled. That has all changed now with Shirt Trekker’s Shirt Case, which is a hard shirt case that zips up and protects your dress shirt from dirt, dust, water, and the crushing dangers of packing a loose shirt in a suitcase. The case is 14 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and .7 inches thick, which makes it convenient to pack in a briefcase or backpack in addition to fitting nicely in a suitcase.

Cable Organizer- Traveling can create many unforeseen problems, but who would think that cable organization would be one of them? From earbuds to charging cables and beyond, you may be surprised when faced with how many small cables you have for all of your different devices. This may seem like a trivial matter, but when you keep all of your cords in one pocket of a backpack, you’ll be spending time untying the knots these cords have created instead of enjoying your in-flight entertainment. It doesn’t have to be this way, not with Bagsmart’s Travel Electronic Accessories Bag. This conveniently sized bag has 7 sections equipped with 12 elastic loops for storing cords and other accessories, 2 zip pouches and 3 card slots which are perfect for SD and other memory cards.

Inflatable Travel Bag- When traveling with breakables such as antiques or bottles of wine, it can be difficult to properly and safely pack these items. Most people end up wrapping these items in clothes, but this hardly provides the protection needed for breakables. With the VinniBag Inflatable Travel Bag, your items will be safe as the VinniBag suspends them in an air cushion. When inflated the bag is 16 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide, making it the perfect size for wine bottles and even smaller breakables. Next time you need to travel with breakables, be sure to bring a VinniBag Inflatable Travel Bag!