3 Essential Products for Long-Term Travelers

Traveling for an extended period of time can create many unique headaches, so be sure to pick up these three essential products before your next long-term trip:

International Travel Adapter- When traveling abroad for long periods of time, it’s important to be able to stay connected to friends and family, as well as the world at large. In order to be able to do this one must be able to power their devices, which can be difficult when traveling internationally due to different parts of the world having different electric wall outlets. To solve this problem, you’ll need an international travel adapter, and there are many you can buy online for as little as $15. These adapters often cover many countries and parts of the world including the US, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the European Union, South American countries, Asian countries, and Australia. Many of them also include multiple built-in USB charging ports, which allow you to charge multiple devices all at the same time. In order to stay connected when traveling, be sure to pick up an international travel adapter.

Mobile Wifi Hotspot- Frequent long-term travel including travel abroad can cause particular problems for technology users, not the least of which is difficulty accessing the internet. That’s why long-term travelers need to carry a mobile wifi hotspot. For less than $100 travelers can pick up a hotspot that can provide 4G coverage on most continents and 3G coverage globally, which makes a mobile wifi hotspot a necessity for long-term travelers.Security Cameras- Many long-term travelers are vigilant about their personal security when on the road, but an often-overlooked aspect of travel security is the security of their home while they’re gone. That’s why it’s important for long-term travelers to equip their home with a reputable security system that includes several security cameras. These cameras allow a traveler to keep a watchful eye on their home even when they’re across the globe. For less than $200, you can get a four pack of outdoor cameras that wirelessly connect to your home internet, have night vision and motion detection capability, and connect to your cloud storage for easy viewing when you’re out traveling. Given the cost efficiency of these cameras, there’s no reason you shouldn’t buy them so you can have peace of mind when you’re traveling.